Stop letting the weather surprise you.

Create custom weather alerts.
When weather you care about is forecast, we will tell you.

Tired of being surprised by rain, heat, cold, or snow?

Our custom alert service will let you setup the weather conditions that concern you. When the conditions are forecast, we'll send you a message.

Work hard play hard

If Mother Nature affects you, create custom weather alerts and stop worrying about the forecast. We will watch the forecast for you.

Don't get stuck in the rain!

Be prepared for the weather

People depend on you

When you need to be prepared for what nature sends, create an alert and you'll know ahead of time.

When and where you want it

You select the days and hours you would like to receive alerts. You will never get messages at an unapproved time.

Don't get stuck in the rain!

In a nutshell

IfWeather is your personal weather alert service. Tell us what weather conditions you want to know about and from then on you will learn when those conditions are forecast. You choose when and how you would like to be alerted to maximize utility and convenience for you or your business.

We are opening to beta testers soon.
Send us your email address to learn when we launch.